Joy G. Willmott
Private Practitioner and MSASS Adjunct Faculty Member, Cleveland, Ohio

Joy G. Willmott

MSSA, Class of 1961

Program: Full-Time Program

Concentration: Casework AKA Direct Practice

Specialization: Medical Social Work

Additional training/certification: LICDC-S (Licensed Independent Chemical Dependency Counselor-Supervisor)

Preferred Population: Adolescents and young adults

Why Social Work?

Social work makes for a great career. Anywhere that I have lived, I could get work, including three states and Europe. My work has integrated community organizing, groupwork and clinical casework. I may not have always gotten the first job I wanted, but I have never wanted for a job.


Hometown: Russell Township, Ohio

Undergraduate Institution: Immaculata College, Phildelphia, Pennsylvania, A.B., Sociology and General Science, 1959

Work experience: Individual and group counseling, primarily with chemical dependence

Life at MSASS

Activities at MSASS: Social Chairman, Student Organization

Favorite thing about Cleveland: It’s easy to get around and it has wonderful arts and music.

Favorite thing about campus: The education students are getting today and that I received as a graduate student.


Current employment: I’m retired, though I still work in my private practice. I also teach at MSASS as an adjunct faculty member.

Nature of the work: I’ve been doing individual and group counseling for 50 years.

How it connects to social work: Clinical social work focusing on chemical dependency issues. I am very engaged in “Second Stage Recovery” – helping people address personal issues after getting clean.

Future plans: Continue taking care of my grandchildren, teaching, and working in my private practice.


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